You might think that a couple of cups

Don’t matter to the planet

But it really does!


In conjunction with SUCfree Wanaka, and Waste Free Wanda, I am very proud to announce the launch of my newest single Couple of Cups.

Did you know that a million disposable cups head to landfill PER MINUTE! That adds up to 16 billion per year.

Bringing your own reusable cup is a super easy way to make a huge difference to the planet.


If you have checked out details on my new 1980’s rock opera for kids head to

To hear my brand new song you head to Spotify, and even purchase a copy via my bandcamp page. All proceed go towards sharing the musical to children far and wide.


Don’t forget to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rehome, Recycle and Rot!

You can be the change this beautiful planet needs. Let’s do it!




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