Waste Free Wanda is an interactive stage show for primary-aged children.

Written and performed by award-winning singer/songwriter Anna van Riel, this one-woman musical gives young audiences empowering solutions on how to combat single-use plastics, protect our environment, and the confidence to implement them.

With powerhouse anthems and solutions that stick, Waste Free Wanda is an entertaining, one-stop educational solution that shows us how we can reduce our waste and discover tools that prevent us from counting solely on recycling to save our planet.


Our heroine Wanda is a school kid from the fictional town of Hakuparuparu. The town is drowning in its own plastic waste, as locals consume and a waste leak from the local bottle factory spills into the local river.

Wanda and her class have invented the ‘refusilator’, an ingenious contraptions to try and deal with the overwhelm of rubbish, but can’t seem to find an energy source strong enough to power their machine.

As part of their environmental studies, their teacher, Mrs Polymer, engages her students in a research project on the lost tribe of the Pakuharuharu, who were said to have been caretakers of the land. Legend tells that the rightful heir will return when the ancient crystal of the Pakuharuharu is found. The heir will be known by the mark of a thunderbolt. Mrs Polymer gives Wanda and her class the homework of finding out where their family comes from.

Walking home along the local river Wanda, unsure of her lineage, and disheartened by the trash everywhere, curses the ancient tribe, shaking her fist at the sky and asking the Pakuharuharu, “where are you when we need you?”

Unnerved by a haunting chant that fills the air, Wanda discovers a strange crystal on the shores of the local river. The crystal begins to pulse as an ominous voice calls from the sky, revealing itself to be her ancient grandfather, and stating that she is, in fact, the rightful heir of the Pakuharuharu. Through an energetic transformation Wanda becomes our superhero ‘Waste Free Wanda’, the enthusiastic Waste crusader.

Find out what happens next and help Wanda to save her town.

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Waste Free Wanda is a fun way for kids to become involved in the conversation, letting them know the effects of plastic pollution and what they can do to help.


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Think ‘Captain Planet’ style; although, once Anna is in full swing with her performance, Captain Planet might just need to be thought of in accordance with Waste Free Wanda’s style.


NZ’s newest superhero Waste Free Wanda is inspiring change and empowering our tamariki all over New Zealand, with her one woman musical show.

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