Anna van Riel is Waste Free Wanda

Waste Free Wanda in Schools

With sellout performances, the interactive Waste Free Wanda has been a hit across New Zealand schools, festivals and community events. See why the local community has loved Waste Free Wanda’s performances below.

“We were lucky enough to have Waste Free Wanda come and present her show at our school. We had a hard time getting the songs out of our heads – so catchy! It was a great way to convey a very important message about sustainability. Engaging and entertaining.“


Waste Free Wanda Out and About

“Caught Waste Free Wanda at the Dunedin Library yesterday. What a hoot! An amazing message about working on a waste free world that had a massive impact on my kids and me. Wrapped in a beeswax sandwich of laughs, beautiful singing, top notch acting and some enviable 80’s moves. Highly recommend for all ages.”


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