It’s World Water Day, and so in celebration and recognition of this life-giving liquid I’m not only launching my new track Mr H20, I’m also giving it away!
This World Water Day is about tackling the water crisis by addressing the reasons why so many people are being left behind.

Oddly, my song Mr H20 has never been released, even though it won Best Children’s Song at the Dolphin Awards in Australia way back in 2010.

Now seems like a very fitting time, as I have been doing conservation work around the reduction of single-use plastics, here in my hometown of Wanaka, NZ.  As most of us know, single-use plastics play a major role in water pollution, so doing your part to reduce your purchases of packaged goods is key!

Say no to plastic straws when you go out, take your own cup when you grab a takeaway coffee, always use your own reusable water bottle and of course, bring your own shopping bags to the store. Also, letting friends and family know you’re avoiding plastic will help them to help you.
Making these small and achievable shifts will make a huge difference to reducing plastic pollution in our water ways.



If you’d like to know more about World Water Day check out the website HERE.


And finally…..

There’s still time to vote!

There’s still 2 weeks of daily voting in the International Songwriting Competition, where I’m a finalist with my children’s song Thrown Out The Grain.
Your vote is most appreciated 🙏

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